Monday, July 11, 2011

She'll Make You An Offer You Cannot Refussssse.

Ray Ban's, Polka dots and Chloe's; Oh My!

Lucia of Aquafredda, Maratea, South Coast of Italy is the Godmother.

No one is going to mess with you Lucia- you are DECKED OUT!

Siete comici. Sì. hahahahah
( You are comic. yes. hahahahah.)

Where did you purchase your Chloe's? (Dove hai acquistato la tua Choloe è?)

Dove altro? Roma
(Where else? Rome.)

What inspires you? (Che cosa ti ispira?)

I giovani e la storia allo stesso tempo
(Youth and history at the same time.)

You are banging.( Si sta battendo.)
(Thank you.)

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