Tuesday, July 3, 2012

50 Shades of Gray.

Here we go ladies and gents; American Apparel is catering to the mature demographic.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Elda Blooms At The Farmers Market.

Elda, of West Hollywood, is a peach in floral print.

Where did you get your jacket from?

I ordered it on the internets from Burns.com. I get many of my clothes from there because it is easy and a good price.

Well, Elda, you look simply stunning and did you know florals are right on point this season.

Really, yes, I did know that. I follow the trends and I see the young ones in flowers so I bring mine out to match. I also wear a cravat everyday. My daughter, she teases me, but I tell her: "It is my thing. It is my signature." Then she shakes her head and leaves me be.

I am nodding my head Elda. Right on Sista!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Judy's Fashion. Is On The Button.

A trip to our favourite Fro-Yo place- The Bigg Chill (Westwood)- wouldn't be complete without a dazzling display of Fashun!

Wow. Excuse me, but did you fashion that hat yourself?

Oh hello, yes I did actually. Do you like it?

Like it? I LOVE it dollface! What is your name?

My name is Judy.

Judy, I also love those specs.

Thanks. They are my go to pair. I like you girls. You are fun!

Judy- YOU are!

I had better go because my husband is driving off but have a great day and; welcome to the States!

The Hollywood Selection

Clean your bifocals and tighten your suspenders. BIDDIESPOT has ventured to LA this year to check out all the street fashion of the elderly that we can lay our eyes on!

Lana Del Laker's

Lana at the Santa Palma Car Wash.

I love your viza/hat- so retro.

Lana: Thanks. My husband loves it. We have been married 45 years.

Nice one.  How did  you put your outfit together this morning?

Well, I started with my hat then added the sunglasses and the scarf.

What are you knitting Lana?

Lana: An LA Lakers scarf for my grandson. He loves the Lakers. I don't mind that Kobe, if you know what I mean.

Not really Lana, but thanks for that. How long have you been in LA for? You have an Irish accent.

Lana: I have been here 40 years. I love it here. Hollywood.

Me too Lana. Video Games.

Lana: What?