Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reinie Rocks On In The Rain!

Loreine (Reinie) sports a killer combination for a rainy day. With her stripy scarf, overcoat and cutting edge hat Reinie cuts a rug!

I Love your hat! Where did you get it from?

Why it is from Paris dear, overseas, you can’t get it here. I hope you voted today. I am going to write a letter next year so I am excused from going out in this weather. I think I should get a pardon, guess how old I am?

You don’t look a day over 32!

Oh my, you are funny. A bit of a joker. I am actually 96. Don’t smoke. I never have. That is the answer to my good health. I am an active person and I actually used to be in sports media and write magazines.

Well it was lovely to meet you Reinie.

You to, and if you see me again do say hello.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Festooned In Maroon, Patricia Looks Like A Tycoon.

Patricia, of Bondi, steps it up in this 3 piece suit.

Patricia, I am loving your outfit. How did you go about putting it together?

Well, my late husband was in fashion in America and he taught me one lesson, which I always go by. He would say; "Whatever you do, just make sure you match." This jacket is suede. I have had it for years and it is one of my favourites.

You are making the block colour work girl! Simple and Striking. Where do you shop for your clothes?

I used to make clothes but now I just have some old items that I mix with new things from shops around here. I like David Jones.

Well you lok fab. Thanks for having a chat Patricia.

Thank you. Are you going to make me famous by puting me on the internet?

Yes Patricia. You are such a character: Love your work!