Monday, August 22, 2011

Agy Aint Daggy.

Agy of Woollahra struts her stuff like a catwalk maaaaadel.

Agy, I had to stop you because that jacket is simply marvelous!

Well, you are the third person to stop me today because of my jacket. The people just love it! You know it is at least ten years old. I wish I could wear it everyday but it is only what the weather permits.

Your spectacles. Bvlgari. Talk to me.

I like this colour. The lady at the shop said it was a fancy brand (and I could also tell that because of the price). And i just thought; treat yourself Agy; you deserve it. they are lovely though aren't they? It is the colour, I tell  you. It truely does go with everything.

What is your inspiration when you're getting dressed of a morning?

I am very hard on myself. I may get changed three or four times some mornings. If this doesn't go with that or if that is too short, or it looks bad. You know.

Well you sure got it right today Agy. Thank you for the music!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chaotic, Hypnoticly Hyperbolic: Patriotic.

Lillian of Neutral Bay, chillin like a villain!

Lillian. You are simply amazing. Talk me through your outfit.

Oh well, I just buy all of my clothes from Harrods. I'm from England but then I moved over here. My daughter still lives there, her name is Charlotte, but I call her Lottie for short.

Those pants are from Harrods? What section?

The pants section.

Gotcha. Lillian, what do you look for in a walking stick?

That it is straight. Am I answering these questions correctly?

Girlfriend; when it comes to fashion: there are no rules. You look bangin sister!

I look violent do I? Oh dear, I hope not. I don't want to look like one of those youths with the parafinalia!

You look perfect.

Thank you.