Monday, May 30, 2011

Marion Looking Bloom In Her Pantaloons.

Marion, of Kiribilli, brightens up her local supermarket with a dash of Tweed.

BiddieSpot: You are cooler than the freezer you are next to, Marion! I am absolutely loving your outfit sick!

Marion: Well dear, my beret's use is two fold: to keep my hair from messing about and: Fashion.





Sunday, May 15, 2011

Joint Action.

Channel surfing at 2pm on a Wednesday I discovered this on channel TVSN. A workout like no other. Loving the style and pizzaz these stunners bring to the silver screen. Thank you to all involved in the making of this show: "Joint Action".

Living it. Loving it. LAAARGE.

Watch this space for more snippets of the show.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Those Whom Pray Together, Look Stunning Together.

Merryl, Berryl and Isla cut a rug at church.

Wow ladies, you all look stunning.

Isla: I actually made this dress. I love the coluor purple you see. I just can't get enough of purple. Purple, purple purple.

Berryl: Are you staying for scones and tea dear. Please do and we can continue to chat there.

Isla: Gotta get a cuppa.

Love your look ladies.


Just a Spoon Full of Sugar.

Outdazzling Mary Poppins herself, Bea walks the walk at The Capitol Theatre encrusted in Jewels.

Zipping down her jacket displaying the matching twin set, Bea of Double Bay stunned the crowd.