Sunday, June 5, 2011

Charmannon of Potts Point Represent'n The Cannon.

 I. Dig. Your. Hair.

Why thank you love.

Could I capture that in a Kodak moment?

But of course. My name is Charmannon, as in Charm. I am an actor you know, so if you know anyone...

What have you been in recently?

Well, I am the Madam in Underbelly 4. I think that should be coming out soon. They wanted me to sign up for an extension of the role, but that included nudity, just of the breast, but being a woman of the Church, I just wasn't able to give them the go ahead with that. A shame really, but you have to draw the line and it is actually in my contract that I can't do nudity.

Fo reals.

Keep your eye out for me.

I sure will. Big ups!

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